Maldives for Honeymoon Travel

A honeymoon in an island of the Maldives is nothing short of a honeymoon in paradise! The tropical island nation of the Maldives, with its virgin white sands, emerald surf, colourful corals and swaying palms, is the ultimate place for those seeking a romantic honeymoon destination.

Get spoilt with choices

Once you land in Male, the capital of the Maldives, you either take an air taxi or a taxi boat to reach your resort. There are 1,192 islands in the Maldives, which are part of 26 atolls (coral reefs surrounding pristine lagoons). Of these, only 185 are inhabited by its people; most of the rest house just a holiday resorts and offer unique honeymoon packages. These island resorts in the Maldives offer various types of packages; almost all have all-inclusive packages, which usually are the best offers.

Honeymoon on Maldives’ Virgin Islands

With their unparalleled hospitality, honeymoon resorts in Maldives ensure that you get fully pampered and yet are left with absolute privacy. Many islands in the Maldives are small enough to house only one resort or beach house. Many others, popularly known as Virgin Islands, have no construction at all and serve as picnic spots, especially for couples on a honeymoon: you can explore the entire island on foot in half an hour, laze around the beach and eat your picnic lunch while being all alone in nature’s lap.

Honeymoon with luxurious stay

But this doesn’t mean that you are completely cut off from civilization. Almost every resort in the Maldives has a spa, and they offer relaxing massages incorporating traditional Maldivian healing methods and various other spa therapies. Night fishing is another popular relaxing activity—taking a boat into the sparkling and serene ocean under a starlit or moonlit sky is an unparalleled holiday experience that will stay fresh in your memory for the lifetime. Get your catch cooked as per your taste or simply indulge in the variety of cuisines that the Maldives offers, including some amazing seafood.

Enjoy an adventure-filled honeymoon

Leisure and adventure go hand-in-hand during a holiday in Maldives. The sea around the islands is quiet and perfect for surfing, parasailing, swimming, kayaking and other water sports. For those looking for a more adventurous holiday, the Maldives is a perfect venue for scuba diving, snorkelling and reef watching.

Easy-to-plan honeymoon in the Maldives

Travelling to the Maldives is a hassle-free affair, and if you book your honeymoon package in one of the island resorts here, you will be saved the worries of running around for a visa: all visitors coming to the Maldives get a visa on arrival (for up to thirty days), irrespective of their nationality. You simply need to ensure that you have a valid passport and ticket to depart from the Maldives and a confirmation of hotel or resort booking (or enough money to cover the expenses during your stay).

With such open visa policy and the great scenic beauty that the country offers, along with the luxury and privacy, the Maldives is no doubt one of the best romantic honeymoon destinations.

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