Best place for honeymooners in Kerala remain the Alleppey houseboats

Best place for honeymooners in Kerala

honeymoon in keralaNever lose connectivity as even the Alleppey houseboats are now Wi-Fi connected. This just reflects the other amenities that a honeymoon couple can expect while exploring the Alleppey holiday beach Kerala.

A land of unity in diversity, India has no dearth of travelling spots, especially for the honeymooners. That is why people even from outside countries flock into India for the honeymoon. Tourism has been on the rise in the country because of the everlasting traditional and cultural practices that have prevailed here in India; along with that, many of the tourist spots have been developed into hubs for honeymoon tourism like in Kerala.

Kerala as a honeymoon hot spot

Kerala is a land rich in natural beauty in the south of India. Flanking the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, it has some of the best beaches in India with great scenic beauties. The Kovalam beach is one of the most popular for honeymooners worldwide. The specialty about the sea beaches in Kerala is that they are far more private than that elsewhere. In India, people preferred Goa as a happening place on the beach even a few days back. In Asia, there are the beaches in Pattaya and Bangkok too. But these ones are very crowdie and for a honeymoon couple, they may not be the ideal place to go.

Honeymoon couples need to have a quiet and serene place to go. They need to find time out for each other and know each other well. Only a calm and quiet place can ensure that. In that way, Kerala is ideal for honeymoon couples. In Kerala, the sea beaches are perfectly pristine and quiet and amidst nature so that one can de-stress, relax and unwind.

Backwaters of Kerala are the best!

The backwaters of Kerala are the best for a honeymoon couple to go. In fact, there can be no other place in India where a newly-wed couple may go, if we consider the peacefulness and natural beauty. If we talk of the amenities, then one will be surprised to see the Alleppey houseboats packages. These houseboats have almost everything that a honeymoon couple may desire. There is open kitchen where the couple can order good food. The menu can be customized as per the wish of the couple. Being on the backwaters, the boatmen can arrange for any kind of fish that is available there. The fun of catching fishes and eating them afresh is a great joy during Alleppey honeymoon tour packages in itself!

The place has a unique thing that one can not only get to enjoy the backwaters; the sea beach out here is also perfect for a honeymoon couple. The Alleppey holiday beach Kerala is an ideal honeymoon destination for the honeymooners. It is a small town that has the best of facilities. If one is staying in the town, s/he can select one of the luxury hotels along the beaches for fun. A couple can in fact also spend a few days in Alleppey houseboats packages where they can get a feel of a houseboat stay! The houseboats are generally two-storied and in fact, one would be amazed to see the space inside. Along with the living rooms, there are balconies on which a couple can relax while the houseboats sail through the backwaters. The houseboats are the star attraction in Alleppey and go a long way in making Alleppey honeymoon tour packages ever memorable!

The best way for a couple in Alleppey is to put up in a luxury hotel along the Alleppey holiday beach Kerala and then plan for a day or two into the houseboats. The luxury hotels here are cheap and affordable, and offer a lot of variety of sea fish and local dishes. The best part is that local taxis are easily available, and these hotels, along with most of the houseboats today have Wi-Fi facilities too to connect to the internet!


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