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Who We Are
Journey by Heart is a travel agency entirely dedicated to custom-made honeymoon packages. We are a young and ambitious bunch, familiar with all the little secrets of the best honeymoon destinations across the world, and we have created this website to help you plan a perfect honeymoon travel itinerary.

Our mission: Journey by Heart aims to offer an exclusive honeymoon experience to each customer—at quaint destinations that are romantic, completely safe and fit well within budget. We intend to make your honeymoon memories last a lifetime.

What We Do

We know that each individual is different and as a honeymooning couple, you need to find that perfect balance in your trip to bring you together and explore each-other’s interests. A honeymoon is a time for you to know each other as a couple, and your honeymoon tour is crucial to establishing a relationship of love and trust.

We use our expertise to create custom-made itineraries for a honeymoon that suits all your needs.

But that’s not all!

Our website gives you complete freedom to plan your honeymoon by yourself; choose what you like and ditch what you don’t.

At Journey by Heart, we do all the homework so that you can learn everything about your dream honeymoon destination by simply browsing through our pages. Just visit us to get a complete view of the various experiences that some of the best honeymoon sites offer. Then, plan your holiday and book your travel—all under one roof—in the most convenient way.

Why Choose Us
• Expertise & Exclusivity: We are expert travel agents dealing exclusively in honeymoon packages.

• Explore the Unexplored: We bring to you unique and unexplored aspects of the most popular honeymoon destinations. Our destinations itineraries will pop a romantic surprise for you even if you are planning your honeymoon travel to one of the best-known honeymoon destinations. We’ll tell you about those quaint and enchanting secrets of the popular honeymoon places that are still unexplored.

• Complete Assistance: With Journey by Heart, you are assured of travel assistant at every leg of your journey. We have competent operators at all the places that we cover; this means that you are not left unattended in an alien land and can always rely on us in case of need.
• Local Expertise: Our local expertise also means that you get real expert advice on all things local. Be it tourist attractions, food, natural spots or cultural experiences, you can depend on the information shared by our experts.
• Amazing Deals: At Journey by Heart, we ensure that you get the most luxurious and cozy honeymoon deals at the cheapest possible prices. Other travel websites may disappoint you with what they offer for your budget, but we ensure that you get as close to you dream honeymoon as possible, without straining on your budget. Don’t be surprised if we manage to book you in a four-star hotel for a tariff of three-star. This is how we work at Journey by Heart!

After all, a perfect honeymoon is nothing but the beginning of a romantic journey called married life!

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