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Choosing a honeymoon destination is the first sign of love and importance that a couple offers to each other after marriage. While lesser number of marriages is happening through courtship today, yet the charm of honeymoon is not lost. What has enhanced it is perhaps the wider choice of honeymoon packages across the world.

Travelling across the globe was costlier and troublesome in the earlier days. To get a visa done would require a considerable amount of time and would no more keep the honeymoon a secret surprise! Even today, the trips are costly but more people can afford them. Also, e-visa facilities have made it easier to get permission for overseas travel quickly. Thus, many of the young and newly married couples now look overseas for a journey by heart honeymoon travel.

Another beneficial aspect has been the ease of the trips assisted by From planning to booking of tickets and from choosing the exotic location to accommodation and local travel, at every step the travel agency facilitates the honeymooners, thereby taking away the load from the couple to arrange for these things. Honeymoon is a time when a couple should be into a journey by heart, not bothering about the petty things and giving full attention to each other. With us, you are sure not to bother about the least bit of details for the travel.

Mauritius and Thailand. One can enjoy the best of sea shores that are most quiet and pristine in Mauritius, Pattaya and Phuket. One can also opt for the famous backwaters of Kerala or the Hindu-Buddhist traditions and temples along the heart of Malaysia. But perhaps the best of the lot that the Journey by Heart offers is the Maldives. Situated at the north of the Indian Ocean, it is a highly unexplored spot that has numerous luxury hotels. Because it is less explored, it is still the least polluted and cleanest of the lot.

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